World Partners staff recently connected with one of our Global South friends. Our friend shared with us about the mission work they’ve begun, and how others are enthusiastically getting on board, pooling their gifts and resources. Truly, they are followers of Jesus with a desire to make an impact, and see their community transformed.

Want to know what the dream is?

Together with a skilled team, they plan to operate a centre for women who need support either because of abuse, neglect, or excommunication. Together, they will affirm these women of their intrinsic worth, give them dignity, and provide a safe house for those who need shelter.

In my conversation, I discovered the alignment with what matters to us at World Partners and how EMCC is following Jesus together on mission in the world.

So, what challenges are they facing, and asking for assistance with?

They invite people like us to join them in prayer. They desire some specialized skills in trauma counselling training, resourcing for workers, some investment capital, but mostly, a relationship – walking the road together.

Who in our network has passion for these people, this country, these needs, and is open to partnering? World Partners can assist Canadian followers of Jesus like you to connect with Global Partners who share and put into practice the way of Jesus!

If this resonates with you, let’s talk. 

Joel Zantingh can be contacted by email here.

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