The following information is given to provide you with a perspective on the current financial status of the EMCC General Fund and World Partners budgets.

The financial statements indicate that income
is insufficient to meet our projected budgetary expenses. Therefore, definitive action has
been taken to reduce expenditures. Budget reductions have occurred in the following areas: Staff, Ministry Travel and Office Rental. Other reductions are pending.

We continue to trust our Lord Jesus to provide the stewardship wisdom needed in this turn around season.

EMCC – General Fund as of May 31, 2019

2019 Approved Budget1,350,000
*Common Cause Giving352,300
Total Income410,474
Total Expenses543,938

*Income from 80 EMCC churches, 12 individuals and other organizations

World Partners as of May 31, 2019

2019 Approved Budget1,043,740
Total Income360,425
Total Expenses439,000