Reflections on the immediate impact of the 2019 EMCC General Assembly.

Pastor James Graham in front of Lipton EMC

I signed up for Deeper: Hearing God’s Voice, anticipating a workshop on listening prayer. I discovered a Biblically-based, thought-provoking, practical introduction to the prophetic. When given opportunity to share a prophetic word it was astounding to see God speak so specifically through me into the life of someone I did not know. I am grateful to EMCC leadership for their pursuit of this teaching, and to Joshua Hoffert, facilitator and instructor. 

Later, William Knelsen presented the image of “two houses.” This resonated deeply with me as I could clearly see a divide between east and west, founded in politics, economics, and social perceptions. We have a fantastic denomination – an incredible family, founded in Christ – and yet we allow the world to impact the unity we are called to enjoy in Christ. 

How can I help my church engage more fully in the EMCC family? God reminded me of a church that sends out yearly emails asking how they can pray for us. Each week since Assembly I have sat in my office and looked up contact information for two EMCC churches, one in the west and one in the east. I have called the pastors and asked how our church can pray for theirs, and how I can pray for the pastors and their families.

It may seem small, insignificant even, but in that moment, as we laugh, share, and pray together, we, as pastors are reminded that we are part of something bigger. Each Sunday our church prays for these churches and is reminded that our congregation is part of something bigger. We are working to remove walls… to create “one house.”