The EMCC National Board is striking a Task Force to explore the question, “What does it mean for the EMCC to follow Jesus Together?”

While it is easy to talk about following Jesus it is harder for us to know what it means to do it together. Togetherness is about what it means to be a denomination, or, if you prefer, a family of churches. When that question is answered we will understand what being connected looks like in practical terms. The Task Force will be seeking input from credentialed leader-pastors and from local congregations. Participation is vital to shaping the future of the EMCC. Please watch for communication regarding the task force in the coming weeks and months.

Much honor was given to the history of the Missionary Church USA this past summer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as they celebrated their 50th anniversary.

President Kervin Raugust and William Knelsen (EMCC Communications Director) represented the EMCC at the celebration. President Steve Jones spoke about the Missionary Church with a strong emphasis on holiness, love for the Scriptures and engagement in global missions.

In addition, President Jones challenged the church to discover the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s heart for the church by moving into new frontiers, hearing the voice of God, doing the work of evangelism, being good shepherds, and continuing to teach the Word of God.

The Missionary Church USA is 500 churches strong with 150 Mexican churches and a growing number of new expressions of the church under the covering of The Table.

Observing a continuing commitment to disciple-multiplication, Raugust and Knelsen were pleased to affirm that the EMCC and the Missionary Church USA continue to be kindred spirits!

“Authority in Prayer” is the topic being explored by President Kervin Raugust at this fall’s Pastor Development Days, taking place in Alberta, BC and Ontario.

This is not only a matter of personal importance, but it is also a governance matter. Power and authority in prayer is embedded in the theology of our identity in Christ and assignment from Christ.

We are made to rule and reign (Revelation 5:9-10), therefore Christ has given His followers both the right to rule on His behalf, and the strength to enforce His rule.

Credentialed ministers participating in the PD Days are discovering principles and practices long used by followers of Jesus to take territories and transform them through prayer!