Google can do a lot, but a quick search for “leadership resources” will yield over a billion options in under one second. How do we know which resources are worth our time?

The EMCC National Team is committed to helping our churches thrive. One of the ways we aim to do that is through an online resource centre. It will host resources with a proven track record in equipping leaders to thrive in every area from Spiritual Formation to Human Relations. The website is called Enrich and it will be launched November 1, 2019 at

We are creating profiles for more than 20 facilitators who are passionate about helping our EMCC leaders. You will recognize their names because they are already part of our tribe. They are making themselves available to do workshops, phone consultations, have you come see what they are doing, or for online consultation. In addition to our Enrichment Facilitators, you will see recommended books, programs, blogs, videos, pdfs and more! A goal for the future is to create a secure online social component where leaders can chat with one another, ask questions, equip others and be equipped. We are excited about the connections being made across our denomination and look forward to serving you all through Enrich!