EMCC has had a long history of connection with Global Church Partners. The trouble is, it has been mostly invisible. Like a semi-open adoption, it feels like the relational connections have been monitored through WP, by the President and a few key individuals. 

That’s about to change. Part of our Strategic Plan is to deepen our relationships. What could this mean for you? Well, when we hear from long-lost family members, one of the ways to deepen connection is to extend hospitality. Out of personal connection comes the sharing of photos and memories, connection on Social Media, and ongoing chats.

For our EMCC churches, we want to do two things:  

First, to introduce you to the EMCC’s Global Family that already exists

We have rich connections rooted in our Mission history. That we have “brothers and sisters” of the EMCC in over 20 countries, including Brazil, Nigeria, Ecuador, Cuba, Haiti, and India, is still news to many in our own congregations. We want that to change. We want you to intercede for them, to bless them, to encourage them, as part of the household of faith within our Global Family. In 2019 and 2020, you will have some opportunities to learn from and with them, as we promote a series of Online Global Partner Chats with select partners. Some of these we will invite to come to Canada. We will  include them in prayer resources and our web directory so you can get better acquainted. Your church can contribute to development projects as part of a deepening connection.

Second, to encourage your mutual relationship with the Global church. 

Some of you already have Global Partners. If not, we encourage you to grow in relationship with EMCC’s Global family. Experience first-hand how your growing sense of relationship and family affect how you engage in ongoing relationship. 

Notice how relationships affect how you assist in “projects.” Are you affirming the resources God has already given to them? Are you listening for the needs which the Global Partner Churches identify? As you walk together with them, helping them to lead their own development, you see that they are living out the good news of the kingdom in their context, as part of their call to follow Jesus. 

Do your global relationships affect how you deepen connections with your church community? As you connect with the Global church family of the EMCC, or your own friends, how are you creating awareness of opportunities and mutual interaction in your life? Are you inviting partners here, in order to learn from them? 

Everything World Partners does comes from this disciple-making focus, which is to encourage one another to live out the Way of Jesus in our own communities, cross-culturally, and globally. And this, we believe, extends to the Global Church. Why not take a moment to pray, and consider how you can be a part of extending hospitality to the Global Church this season?