In November, a group of EMCC leaders of young adult, youth and children’s ministries from across Canada spent a profitable few days with members of the National Team.

The event was called the Now Generation Summit, named for the recognition that young adults, youth, and children are valued participants in the health of our churches currently, and not just in the future. 

The purpose of the Summit was to discuss the role, responsibility and relationship of the EMCC National Team to local EMCC churches in regards to ministry across all generations, particularly young adults, youth and children. Participants imagined together what an effective relationship would look like, as well as resources that could be developed on the Enrich platform for ministry leaders. The group also began to lay the groundwork for a reproducible model that would network ministry leaders for group training and interaction. 

Further work must be done, but a good and encouraging start has been made. A Now Generation Guiding Coalition is being formed, with leadership coming from within our EMCC Churches, as well as representation from the EMCC National Team. The Coalition is planning to begin meeting regularly in early 2020. Your prayers for them as they discern the way forward would be most appreciated. 

Note: Mike Wasyluk facilitated the conversations during the Summit. Mike is a part-time Youth Pastor at Country Hills EMC in Kitchener, ON and is also a consultant in the area of next-generation ministries. His experience in mediation, workshops and guiding people through the visioning process was incredibly valuable.