There have been two oft-repeated words to describe what we are currently going through: Unprecedented and Pivotal

These are unprecedented times calling for unprecedented measures.

Unprecedented Definition: not known before or experienced, unparalleled.

Many followers of Jesus have acknowledged that this is also a pivotal moment for the church of Jesus Christ – calling for pivotal prayers and pivotal decisions.

Pivotal Definition: of crucial importance in relation to the development of something else, a turning point. Moments like these can cause us to freeze, or focus; to shrink back, or step up; to want to go back to Egypt rather than walk through the Red Sea.

It’s time to LOOK UP – to where our Help comes from and STEP INTO to the opportunities unfolding before us.

May I commend to you that these unprecedented and pivotal times provide us with …

  • A fresh opportunity to articulate our dependence on God (John, 15:5, Psalm 23:1).
    To affirm that we are following Jesus and depending on the Spirit of Jesus in our journey. To express our submission and inadequacies; surrendering to His will, His ways, His Word and His voice. Our primary questions: “Jesus, what are you saying to me?” and “What are you asking me to do about what You are saying?”
  • A fresh opportunity to come together (Nehemiah 3, 1 Corinthians 3:8).
    To collaborate. To harness our collective resources and learning. We celebrate the wonderfully innovative ways churches are working together to support one another.
    “Jesus, what are you saying to us?” and “What are you asking us to do together about what you are saying?”
  • A fresh opportunity to explore (Numbers 13:1-24, Isaiah 43:18-19).
    Some may still be waiting for everything to go back to normal. Other innovators are preparing for a “new normal.” All of us would do well to explore stronger pathways for making disciples who make disciples. Online services are a blessing; making-disciples remains our calling. “Give us fresh insights, Lord.”
  • A fresh opportunity to ask, seek and knock (Matthew 7:7-12, 1 Kings 3:9).
    To ask Jesus for what we need: wisdom, resources, courage, peace, healing and many salvations.

EMCC church family – let’s UP our game and seize the day – together.