To deepen connections and bring encouragement to all, EMCC World Partners brought together a range of voices in Global Mission participation: Global Workers (Missionaries), Partners and other EMCC people on mission where they live.  This unique opportunity via Zoom took place on Aug 13 and was a time to share stories and pray for regions of the Globe. Others participated by watching the live-streamed event.

Joel Zantingh and Nicole Jones-Qandah, from EMCC World Partners, co-hosted and introduced an array of personnel, and reminded them, “You are prayed for at this time.” Workers shared a little about their ministries, the effect of COVID in their respective countries and told of God at work in the midst of it. Some on the call were from sensitive countries and for their safety names will not be mentioned here. All spoke of hardship, and in some cases dire circumstances in their countries, but also of heightened opportunities for service and the gospel message. In many countries the daily struggle for food is a reality and people are focused on survival. 

We were privileged to have with us Global Workers and Partners representing Europe and Russia; East Asia; Mainland South East Asia; Middle East, North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; Mexico, Central and South America; Canada, USA and Oceania. 

Breakout Groups representing regions of the world afforded rich times of sharing and prayer. Technology seemed to fade into the background engendering a sense of being together in one place. What a blessing! In the 2nd Breakout Group, segment regions were combined, allowing those working in closer proximity, some of whom had never met, to talk and encourage each other, resolving to speak again.

So many comments stood out, and despite the pandemic, over and over we heard that God is at work.  Here are just a few:

“Even though so many things have stopped, God has not stopped.”

“There are new and continuing opportunities and He is definitely at work.”

“We have been dispersed in a new way. Now there is a church in every neighbourhood.”

“Fruit is coming through.”

“While the global pandemic is causing a great deal of suffering and challenges, there are opportunities in the challenge. In South Africa there is an awakening of millions of people trying to sort out how to use the resources that God has given to meet the daily need that they didn’t have before COVID.”

Our suffering is our blessing. Through suffering we see the Lord moving, see him providing, see Him bring resources. See Him opening doors.”

This believer, the only woman with a permit to travel to those who are isolated, visited over 120 families.

One person said: “thank you for the food, but we are blessed that we’re not forgotten.”

“God is teaching us to be servants through this hard time, to love, come together. There is a lot of work, workers are few. We need more people to come.”

From another sensitive country there came the report of Christian families across the country now studying God’s Word, praying together and encouraging one another in their homes. This leader reported that they had been praying about how to get families to embrace their homes as the primary place of discipleship, and God has done it.

It was indeed a rare privilege to hear from these servant-hearted leaders from around the globe and to catch a glimpse of God’s loving heart for the nations. 

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