EMCC’s Next Gen Team is passionate about seeing an increasing number of Next Gen leaders reach their full kingdom potential, personally, and in their work with kids, teens and young adults (under 25). The team has developed a plan to create strong connections among Next Gen leaders and to equip them to thrive in our rapidly shifting culture. 

They’ve chosen the Huddle discipleship model as the best way to connect, equip and resource leaders. By fall 2021, the goal is to have each team member launch their own huddle to invest in a group of leaders, who, in turn, will have the opportunity to invest in a group of leaders. This is about disciples, making disciples, who make disciples. 

Coming soon

A social media Group Chat platform where next gen leaders can ask questions, connect and resource one another. 

An Enrich page for next gen leaders, a place to go for help from facilitators and access to recommended books, videos and podcasts.

For your calendar

January 17 – Next Gen Check-In, an EMCC Connected Zoom call for all Next Gen leaders, anyone in the EMCC that ministers to those 25 and under 

Here’s a chance to share how you are doing, how others can celebrate with you, what challenges you are going through, how others can pray for you. A facilitated conversation, with breakout rooms. More info to come.

February 25 – “Re-imagine Church: a Family of Families,” an EMCC Connected Zoom call for everyone.

An introduction and guided conversation about the current church model. To get us thinking about what we are doing with next gen and is it what we should be doing? An opportunity to wonder and imagine together what else this could look like. More info to come.

This article is featured in the Winter 2020 edition of The EMCC Together Newsletter.

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