EMCC is blessed to have not one, but two Bible Colleges giving their all to provide discipleship, mentoring and high-quality training for the leaders of tomorrow. Emmanuel Bible College and Rocky Mountain Bible College are here to serve. The updates below provide a glimpse into what is new and noteworthy at our two schools.

Emmanuel Bible College Update

EBC faculty and staff welcomed students back to the classroom this September for the first time since March 2020. EBC is committed to providing an on-campus experience where students can gather together to learn, build relationships, and foster local community connections. However, they are aware that not all students are able, or feel comfortable attending in-person classes yet. To meet the needs of as many as possible, the College has made changes. Now students can all attend classes at the same time, some seated in a Campus classroom, while others join virtually. This pivot is a positive change flowing from Covid realities. Another plus is being able to ‘bring in’ guest speakers to enhance learning without the prohibitive expense of travel. Renovations in the beautiful Edna Pridham building have created a large chapel/event space that can seat 200 within the redesigned library space. 

EBC President, Neil Cudney, would like to hear from the local EMCC churches. “How can we support the work you are doing?” he asks. He also looks forward to invitations to speak at local churches.

Neil is excited to announce an Enhanced New Student Bursary in the 2021/22 academic year. In some circumstances, this bursary help could actually cover the entire cost of tuition. “There is significant financial help available that can greatly reduce the cost of tuition,” says Neil. This comes from a generous, anonymous donor who desires to remove financial barriers to ministry training so that future leaders in missions and pastoral ministry can focus on their studies and graduate without accumulating huge debt. In another recent development—again thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor—all-new monthly donors will have their donation matched for the next four years! One-time gifts will also be matched. The donor has a heart to see future leadership challenges met in our churches. To help EBC continue to provide quality, respected training, you are invited to contribute to their Many Hands campaign. Their goal is to gain 150 new monthly donors. Your monthly support will help ensure that Emmanuel Bible College thrives into the future, preparing the next generation of leaders. 


Rocky Mountain College Update

RMC is thankful that God has blessed them with continued enrolment growth this past year. In February they took another step forward on their strategic plan when they launched REALIZE, their accredited, competency-based education model. REALIZE focuses on students mastering a group of pre-approved outcomes in their local ministry context as they work at their own pace. REALIZE offers certificates, diplomas, and Bachelor of Arts degrees. 

Applicants to REALIZE must already be serving in a ministry context as their supervisor acts as their ministry coach. Students are coached, assessed, and graded in their local ministry setting by their ministry coach, local mentor, and an RMC faculty member. All three must agree on all the grades granted in each course. The purpose of this group is to foster the student’s confidence, hone necessary leadership skills, and achieve a more meaningful life. All learning activities and assessments are centered around the student’s personal and ministry context. Students will gain practical experience in their own community and, upon graduation, they have a portfolio of ministry skills along with a highly respected and accredited program. Similar to RMC’s Pathways model, all the courses, as well as the library, are accessible to students 24/7. 

REALIZE is ideal for people already serving in ministry but lacking formal training, as well as in life situations where further education must be not only flexible but suited to their context. RMC is pleased that REALIZE is a highly relational model of learning. “A large part of education has always been relational,” says President Kerry Belt, “and when I visit a student in their local learning context I see they are getting strong relationships where they are studying.” 

RMC has bursaries for EMCC students. Visit RMC’s website to read more about REALIZE & Pathways. www.rockymountaincollege.ca

This article is featured in the Fall 2021 edition of The EMCC Together newsletter.

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